How long should an inspection take?

Time varies based on who attends, the condition of the home, and environmental conditions. Generally, figure two to four hours for the average 2,000 Square Foot home. Time will be on the lower end of the scale if the buyer does not attend, longer if he does. When the buyer attends and asks questions, it takes more time.

Should I attend the inspection?

Yes, this is a highly educational event. Go and learn. Ask questions. Participate. Our inspectors have loads of information they like to share!

When should I get my report?

Unless there are unforeseen circumstances, you will get your report the same day as the inspection.

Should the seller attend?

It is our preference that sellers do not attend the inspection. However, if they must attend, we can certainly accommodate their needs.

What warranty will I have on my inspection?

There is no warranty on any home inspection. Our professional inspectors can only attest to the mechanical and structural condition of the property at the time of inspection. We always advise our clients to purchase a home warranty with any home. We do, however, provide our InterNACHI-backed “Buy Back Your Home” Guarantee which promises that if we miss anything on your inspection, you’ll be reimbursed the purchase price of the home.

Can an inspector give me cost associated with repairs?

While our inspectors are knowledgeable and can give broad cost ideas, we never suggest you make a decision without consulting a licensed, qualified specialist.